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Firearms: Renting vs. Bringing Your Own


Posta del Norte means ultra high-volume shooting. It is important to have the right gun to handle the extreme shooting conditions. A common question our clients have is whether they should bring their own gun or rent a gun at the lodge. Almost always we recommend renting our shotguns, but there are a few exceptions to be aware of. Here are some common questions and important info to consider…


Which shotguns work best for dove hunting in Argentina?


  • The most common shotgun for dove hunting in Argentina is a semi-auto 20 gauge. In general, the preferred models for the high-volume shooting conditions are the 20 gauge Beretta 390 and 391, although comparable models work fine as well.


Why rent guns?


  • Posta del Norte maintains an extensive selection of 20 gauge semi-autos and a smaller selection of 28 gauge over/unders. The rental guns at Posta del Norte are cleaned every night by staff members to ensure optimum performance in the field each day.
  • Remember – in one day of Argentina dove hunting a shotgun could cycle through several thousand rounds. This is a lot of wear on a shotgun…renting our guns can extend the life of yours.
  • Renting lodge guns makes travel quicker and easier.


Why bring my own guns?


  • Our shotguns fit most adults just fine, but smaller women and younger kids might want to bring their own custom-fit shotguns.
  • Left-handed guns can be extremely hard to find in Cordoba. If your preference is to shoot a left-handed semi-auto, we do recommend bringing your own.


Is it easy to bring my guns into Argentina?


  • There are some restrictions to traveling with firearms, and airline policies do change from time to time…sometimes with very little notice. It is imperative that you check with your airline directly before planning to bring your own guns to Argentina.
  • Gun-entry paperwork must be completed accurately and submitted to the lodge in advance of your arrival. Take special care to make sure to copy the serial numbers of the gun exactly as they are.
  • Currently, the Argentine authorities charge a fee of 1,000 Pesos per gun-entry into the country. Depending on the exchange rate, this translates to roughly USD120 per gun.