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I just wanted to let you know that we arrived home yesterday from Posta del Norte and I wanted to tell you that it was an absolutely amazing trip!

From the moment we were picked up at the airport until we left, we were treated like VIPs. The entire staff at the lodge was outstanding, the food was out of this world and the hunting was like nothing I have ever experienced in my life.

My best count for one day was 750 doves. My buddy Dave entered into the 1000 club by shooting 1013 doves in a single day.

Without a doubt I would recommend Posta del Norte to anyone who is looking for an awesome high-volume dove hunt at a lodge that treats clients better than family.



Chris Riccio



I want to thank you for donating this trip. It was truly the most memorable South American dove hunt I have ever done. I have hunted dove for many years in both Uruguay and Argentina with various outfitters and lodges. Without a doubt, Posta Del Norte exceeded all expectations. The shooting was incredible but even more important was the impeccable attention to details. From the room and lodge accommodations, the fine culinary cuisine, the great wine and Christian greeting us after every hunt with cool towels to refresh us, we could not have had a better experience. Leo and the field men were absolutely incredible. Some of our group of six wanted high volume shooting while some wanted high flying challenges. Instead of having to split us in different fields or areas, Leo accomplished both while all of us hunted together. Soledad, thanks for making sure we had all our paperwork and itinerary completed. Lastly, I also want to thank Gilda who did a wonderful job guiding us through customs with our guns and escorting us around Buenos Aires. It’s not often you can travel halfway around the world and have everything go according to plan. Without a doubt, we will be returning to Posta Del Norte for future hunts.



Mac McCune



What can I say about Posta del Norte? The lodge was literally perfect. The amenities were luxurious, but no t to the point where I forgot that I was at a hunting lodge. Another iota of luxury or comfort would result in the place simply being too nice for a lodge. Not only were the facilities fantastic, but the staff were courteous and professional. I want to particularly give my praise to Leo, who ran the lodge with an element of professionalism and hospitality that I have never before seen. He truly is the gem that keeps Posta del Norte running in tip top shape. I am 100% confident that no one else would have been able to run the lodge as well as he did.

Expect us again in a few years!



Brennan Custard



Many thanks to you and your staff in providing a dove hunting experience of a lifetime. The pictures on the web were accurate as the lodge was perfect. Leo, Christian, Sebastian, Sazar, and all of the staff exceeding our expectations. We knew it was going to be good we just didn’t know it was going to be over the top. Leo was an excellent host and was always great in explaining what to expect next. Christian provided service like no other. No glass was ever empty. Sebastian’s food was to die for and Sazar always made sure there were birds for the shooting. We especially enjoyed having the lodge to ourselves. We brought home some CD’s with pictures from the trip which I am sure will get viewed by many. Thanks to Soledad for helping with the travel arrangements and paper flow.





An overdue, but sincere Thank You.
Our recent trip to Argentina was enjoyable from start to finish….exceeding expectations!
This no doubt due in LARGE part to your involvement; from planning and coordinating minute details, to on-site interaction with flawless execution.
As to Posta, exceeding our expectations certainly sums up the shooting and accommodations. Thank you Leo!!
The greatest question is not if we will return….but when?
In the meantime, should you ever come our way, we would welcome the opportunity to share some Texas hospitality!


Dean and Shawn



The trip was amazing. Had a great, great time. Leo and crew were very accommodating. It was an experience I’ll never forget. I’m going to try and get a group together to come down in a couple years. Hopefully we’ll be in touch.


Thanks again




Thank you very much indeed for the trip. It was great, Leo did a fantastic job of looking after us. He made us so welcome at the lodge and in the field. He really has got a very good team of lads, from getting up in the morning, getting to the field, shooting and then to passing out at night!
I have also been hit by the Argentina Dove bug and will be back sooner than you think.
Thanks again, and thank Leo and the team for a amazing job.






The trip was amazing, it exceeded our expectations on every level. Everything was exceptional, from the service, to the rooms, to the food and of course the shooting!
We will be back next year, no question.






Thank you Leo for an absolute amazing time, I never imagined everything from the food to the shooting could be so perfect, you and your staff do a great job. I am learning Spanish and will see you next year my friend!


Robert Lercher



“We have just returned from our honeymoon.
We really enjoyed our stay at the lodge. Leo is an amazing host and a very valuable asset to the Lodge. Nothing was too much trouble for Leo. He even arranged for a massage for me whilst they were out shooting.
Tony (Antonio) really enjoyed the shooting. He had the best time of his life. (Except when he married me of course!!)
The food was amazing and the staff were most helpful and friendly.
The transfer you arranged inter airport at BA was very good. The English speaking guide was excellent and provided us with many safe travel tips whilst traveling in Argentina. Even though this was an expensive transfer we found it to be most valuable.
Thanks again and Tony is saying that he will return to the lodge for sure!!


Marie Psaila



“I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know we had a wonderful time on our trip. I greatly appreciate Soledad’s help in arranging everything prior to our trip. It was easy to accomplish and all went according to schedule. The lodge was first class, the hunting excellent and the staff very attentive. Leo was an excellent host and does a phenomenal job of managing the lodge and staff. He made our stay most enjoyable. Sebastian, Augustina and Juan provided excellent meals as evidenced by our all gaining weight while visiting. Christian provided excellent service at the lodge, even when having to wake up for our very early departure at 4AM. And our time spent with Mario (our driver) was very enjoyable. And finally our bird boys (Sergio, Gabrial, Ramon and Cesar) did an excellent job, especially when factoring in our lack of shooting experience. We got better each day and it was very enjoyable for each of us.

We all had a great time, created some wonderful memories and I look forward to returning to Argentina in the future. Thank you for arranging the base part of the trip to be donated to my son’s school.

Regards and Best Wishes for a Prosperous 2012.”

Paul Simmons



“I wanted to drop you an e-mail and let you know that our group made it back to Texas safe and sound. As you recall, we were trapped in the domestic airport in Buenos Aires on Friday October 7 when the Airline folks decided to go on strike. After spending a very long day of delays and finally the cancellation of our flight to Cordoba we knew that we had to do something to get us out of this mess. That brings me to my first point I’d like to make about the staff you set us up with. Our guide in Buenos Aires was Elizabeth Georges, she not only met us at the big airport and gave us a wonderful tour of the city but when all broke loose in the small airport on Friday I made a phone call to her and she was there within an hour and took control of the situation. Elizabeth was very professional with handling our problems and stayed with us until late that night when she helped us get a private bus trip to Cordoba. When I come back to Argentina, I will be expecting to have Elizabeth pick us up again, she proved to be the type of person that will go the extra mile and help with any and all problems which may arise during the trip. I can’t say enough good about Elizabeth and I am thankful to you for choosing her to guide us on this trip.

Once we made it to the Posta lodge at about 3am Saturday morning, tired was not the word for what we were, in fact we were all just ready to go back home but that was until we made it to the lodge. At 3am the manager (Leo) and his full staff was waiting there for us, not complaining about the early morning hours, just ready to get us settled in. Leo made it his goal for us to forget about our bad experience at the airport as well as our 9 hour drive through the night across Argentina. Leo and the Posta staff showed us the best time we have ever had, the bird hunting was unbelievable, the food was better than we could have ever asked for as well as more food than any of us should have ever eaten over a three day period, the lodge and the rooms were spotless and everyone there went out of their way to make our stay perfect. I wish I could find a manager like Leo to run my operations in Texas, but if I did I’d probably be spending all my time bird hunting at Posta Del Norte.

Our flights back went fine and upon returning to work this morning I visited by phone with one of our group and neither of us could find any reason why we ever left the lodge. I just wanted to take time and let you know of what a fine staff you have in Buenos Aires and at the Posta lodge. I will be returning soon for more hunting (after the pain leaves my shoulder from all the shooting), and until then I will be telling all I come in contact with in my area that Posta Del Norte is the only place to go to for their Argentina hunting experience.

I thank you again for the great trip.”

Andy Whitehead, President – Merit Oilfield Service, Ltd.



“I’m happy to report that our visit to Poste Del Norte was voted the highlight of our long trip, even with the ladies. Everyone, from Leo to the bird boys, did a great job and did everything in their power to make our stay a pleasant one. I’m sorry only that it had to be so short. The food was wonderful and it was hard to say no to some of it when we were full and happy. The field lunches were an event to be remembered and Franco did an excellent job of lining up the shooting areas. I have other friends that might be interested in joining me on a return trip. Some of our luggage didn’t make it to Cordoba and Leo was very helpful in getting it back to us a day later.”

Best Regards,
Denny Wohlford



“Everything was better than expected!! Leo was excellent as were the staff and food. The hunting was top notch. We will be back.”

TC, Houston



“Excellent facilities and even better service.
We had a wonderful time and plan to visit again.”

KPY, Houston



“The Shooting
All four shoots we did were very good. The full day on Sunday was the best dove shooting I have done in Argentina so far .. This is just what the English guns like – lots of driven birds and all heights- great for our style of shooting. The quality of the guns was good. Your shooting team were great, especially Frank, and looked after us very well.. Top job.

The Lodge

Very nicely laid out and very cool. Good for a party from England, private and the group can be all together without having to share rooms!! Leo was charming and a very good host.

All in all a very good trip and I will be sending many clients to you at Posta”

All my best
EW, London